What You Can Do

Call Portland City Hall:

  • Demand that they stop work on the Powell Butte and Kelly Butte water burial and water blending projects, and restore the open reservoirs at Mt. Tabor and Washington parks to full functionality.
  • Demand a full accounting of taxpayer funds they have spent on an unnecessary project that will compromise Portland’s drinking water.
  • Demand restitution of taxpayer funds that have been spent on a false “emergency” basis.
  • Bookmark this website and check back frequently for updates

City of Portland:

Charlie Hales, Mayor
Phone: 503-823-4120
Email: mayorhales@portlandoregon.gov

Amanda Fritz, Commissioner
Phone: 503-823-3008
Email: amanda@portlandoregon.gov

Nick Fish, Commissioner
Phone: 503-823-3589
Email: Nick@portlandoregon.gov

Dan Saltzman, Commissioner
Phone: 503-823-4151
Email: dan@portlandoregon.gov

Steve Novick, Commissioner
Phone: 503-823-4682
Email: Steve.Novick@portlandoregon.gov

State of Oregon:

Jeff Merkley, Senator
Email: www.merkley.senate.gov/contact/