The Rush to Complete Lucrative Contract Work Before LT2 Is Reconsidered

  • In 2011 the EPA changed its stance on reservoir burial, in response to continued evidence challenging the scientific validity of the cover-or-treat requirement for open reservoirs.  The EPA stated that it would reconsider the reservoir burial requirement when it revised the regulation in 2016, and that meanwhile it would allow cities with open reservoirs to revise and delay their burial schedules.
  • While claiming to “fight” LT2 on behalf of citizens, members of Portland City Hall worked with MWH and CH2M Hill to rush reservoir burial before LT2 could be reconsidered, crafting a burial schedule that was more hasty than any other in the country–so hasty, in fact, that Portland Water Bureau’s own engineers published their concerns that safety equipment could not be adequately tested within the City’s rushed time frame; and Portland Water Bureau’s Administrator, David Shaff, warned the Oregon Health Authority that public health and safety would be endangered because the multiple simultaneously overlapping projects would interrupt supply and leave the City vulnerable in case of emergency.
  • While claiming to “fight” LT2 on behalf of citizens, Mayor Hales hired as his Chief of Staff the very same official who had aggressively fought to force the City to bury its reservoirs. Gail Shibley, appointed by Governor Kitzhaber as Administrator of the Oregon Health Authority, had worked alongside her subordinate David Leland, OHA’s Drinking Water Program Manager, to transfer LT2 enforcement authority from the EPA to OHA.  While at OHA, these two officials aggressively thwarted the legitimate efforts of water advocacy groups, concerned citizens, Oregon’s congressional delegation, and responsible members of City Council to obtain for Portland the same LT2 burial schedule revisions that have been allowed by the EPA to other cities with open reservoirs.
  • While claiming to “fight” LT2 on behalf of citizens, Portland City Council has awarded additonal lucrative contracts related to the hasty reservoir burial project to engineering giant CH2M Hill, where Mr. Glicker is now Vice President and Ms. Obermeyer is Business Development Manager.
  • CH2M Hill has made multiple campaign contributions to Mayor Hales, Commissioner Saltzman and Governor Kitzhaber.
  • While claiming to “fight” LT2 on behalf of citizens, Portland City Council has awarded additional lucrative contracts related to the hasty reservoir burial project to HDR Engineering, where Mayor Hales was Senior Vice President for the ten years immediately preceding his election to the Mayor’s office, and for the first five months of his tenure as Mayor.
  • HDR Engineering has made multiple campaign contributions to Mayor Hales, Commissioner Saltzman and Governor Kitzhaber.
  • Governor Kitzhaber has never used his gubernatorial power to intervene with the OHA on behalf of Portland, despite the fact that the agency’s actions have ignited over a decade of protests from members of Portland City Council, Portland Water Bureau, Oregon’s congressional delegation, public interest groups, and private citizens.
  • Governor Kitzhaber has helped his campaign contributor CH2M Hill form a multi-state lobbying group, the West Coast Exchange (WCX), which seeks to reshape the entire west coast through lucrative public works contracts such as those affecting Portland’s open reservoirs.
  • Governor Kitzhaber employes the WCX’s President, Dan Carol, on his cabinet as Director of Multi-State Initiatives.
  • In turn, CH2M Hill and its West Coast Exchange employ Governor Kitzhaber’s domestic partner, Cylvia Hayes, and her company, 3E Strategies, in prominent roles promoting their studies and symposia.
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